Confidential Care

Navigate providing confidential care to LGBTQIA+ youth.

Not all LGBTQIA+ youth are out to their families/caregivers and many are not comfortable with them knowing about their identity as LGBTQIA+. It is important to separate parents/caregivers from the youth, especially when asking important questions about gender identity, sexual orientation, reproductive health, substance use, and mental health. Having parents/caregivers present may discourage some youth from being honest with healthcare professionals. 

Be sure to discuss the importance of confidentiality with parents/caregivers. Some might dislike the separation, but reassure them that private, confidential care is important and used to provide the best care possible for the youth. 

Although confidential healthcare is important for LGBTQIA+ youth, they should be aware that healthcare professionals must break confidentiality for certain reasons such as if a youth discloses they have been physically or sexually assaulted. 

Sometimes, billing and insurance statements include information such as STI results, diagnoses, and prescriptions. Therefore, inform youth of this possibility and provide them with resources to access free and confidential healthcare services.