Prejudice and discrimination has a negative impact on physical and mental health

LGBTQIA+ youth who hold multiple minority statuses – such as race, ethnicity, immigration status, disability – are at risk for multiple forms of discrimination. This is a form of intersectional marginalization, which often compounds risks.

Here are several perspectives shared by LGBTQIA+ youth about how their experiences shape their health and outlook.

I would probably have to say with my parents they still never use they them pronouns for me, even though I have a giant pin on the main bag that I take with me everywhere. That one really says they/them and I’ve come out to them and they they took it well, when I came out to them, but they’ve never use they/them pronouns with me. uhm. So like they still just use she her and I think it’s just very frustrating and it just feels very invalidating. But it’s also nerve wracking to try to bring it up again.
Ohio Youth
Ohio YouthAge 21 they/them
Absolutely exhausted after today. I went to my grandma’s for an early thanksgiving. Got deadnamed multiple times. Wasn't very fun, but it’s fine…Still just not very affirming to hear my deadname. I'm just tired of hearing it. It's frustrating and feels like it just drains my energy.
Ohio Youth17, They/Them