Simulation #3:Instructions:

In this third simulation, you will once again be following Jasper, this time as he is in the exam room with his doctor. Continue to follow Jasper’s microaggression count and anxiety meter.

This time you will be responsible for Jasper’s microaggression counter. When the buttons appear at the bottom of the screen, that means you have a choice to make. Was this specific interaction positive, neutral or negative? Make your decision based on how you think Jasper feels.

Use your mouse to look around the clinic and examine the various objects. Are these objects affirming or non-affirming for Jasper? Make sure you view these items through the perspective of Jasper.

Anxiety Meter
Displays Jasper’s anxiety level throughout the simulation. The anxiety meter responds to all of
Jasper’s environments and encounters—related to his LGBTQIA+ identities, or any other
adverse or positive experiences.

Impact Counter
Displays the impact of each interaction Jasper experiences. The impact counter responds
specifically to Jasper’s experiences related to his LGBTQIA+ identities—particularly when he
encounters anti-LGBTQIA+ microaggressions.