Microaggressions and the LGBTQIA+ Community

Microaggressions are omnipresent for LGBTQIA+ people.

They can be perpetrated directly at the LGBTQIA+ person by specific individuals (for example, through interpersonal communication). These microagressions may be perpetrated intentionally (for example, purposefully using slurs or discriminatory language) or unintentionally (for example, using outdated terminology unknowingly). 

However, they may also be indirectly experienced from a LGBTQIA+ persons’ surrounding environment (for example, seeing stereotypes or enactment of anti-LGBTQIA+ policies).

this is an image of text typed on a mobile phone. The text reads: 12:32 Deadnamed by my nana. It honestly made me angry. 1:59 She does it again. I honestly wonder if she will ever get it right without being told. I then told my mom who blamed it on age. Should that be a valid excuse?

Image of a video shared by an Ohio Youth, Age 21
Pronouns: they/them