Simulation #2:Instructions:

In this second simulation, you will again be following Jasper and his mother, this time as they are signing in for his appointment in the waiting room at his doctor’s office. This time you will be responsible for Jasper’s impact counter… Also, keep an eye on Jasper’s anxiety meter. It reflects how he is feeling based on the environment, interactions, and his own self talk.

Look Around the Clinic
Use your mouse to look around the room and click on objects to learn more about how Jasper perceives his surroundings.

Impact Counter
Displays the impact of each interaction Jasper experiences. The impact counter responds
specifically to Jasper’s experiences related to his LGBTQIA+ identities—particularly when he
encounters anti-LGBTQIA+ microaggressions.

Anxiety Meter
Displays Jasper’s anxiety level throughout the simulation. The anxiety meter responds to all of
Jasper’s environments and encounters—related to his LGBTQIA+ identities, or any other
adverse or positive experiences.